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The 2nd TLRS report

The 2nd Taiwan Lipid Research Summit (TLRS) brought together a total of 45 distinguished Taiwanese experts in the field of lipid research, including professors, researchers, clinicians, and post-doctoral researchers, to present, discuss, and share experiences in the five primary topics of Advances in Lipidomics, Lipid markers in Precision Medicine, Disorders in Lipid Metabolism: Mechanisms and Solutions, Lipid Diversity and Evolution, and Lipids in Clinical and Translational Research.

Attendees also discussed how to expand multidisciplinary collaboration and translational research in the field of lipid research for Taiwan, and agreed to establish the Taiwan Lipid Research Summit as a platform for such activities, with future programs to include workshops, collaboration matchmaking, and poster presentations, in order to promote exchange and expand attendance.
The post-event survey revealed an average 94.5% satisfaction rate among attendees, with lecture topics, exchange activities, and the meeting venue receiving the highest ratings.

The 2024 ICBL annual meeting, to be hosted by Taiwan, was also discussed at the summit, and a list of speakers to be invited, as well as committee member responsibility allocation, were duly confirmed. It is hoped that the 2024 ICBL will further facilitate international collaboration and promotion of Taiwanese lipid research.