About ICBL

The International Conference on the Bioscience of Lipids (ICBL) is the foremost academic forum in the world today for the presentation and discussion of the latest developments and discoveries regarding the chemical, biological, nutritional, and clinical aspects of lipids. Founded by Nobel Laureates Sune Bergström, Christian de Duve, and Konrad Bloch, the spirit of ICBL is to provide a friendly and intellectually stimulating environment where the latest discoveries and ideas on lipid science can be freely discussed, and where young and established researchers alike can gather to build new collaborations and long-lasting friendships.

Learn more from ICBL official website: https://www.icbl.info/

Recent conferences and hosting cities:
62nd ICBL: 4-7 September 2022 – Montreal, Canada
61th ICBL: 12-15 October 2021 – Utrecht, The Netherlands
60th ICBL: 17-21 June 2019 – Tokyo, Japan
59th ICBL: 4-7 September 2018 – Helsinki, Finland
58th ICBL: 10-14 September 2017 – Zurich, Switzerland