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The 1st TLRS report

Due to advances in biotech and related technologies, lipid research has progressed rapidly in the fields of physiology, medicine, industry, and food, and in recent years, several lipid researchers have won top academic accolades such as the Nobel Prize and Wolf Prize. In addition, there have been notable successes in industry-academia collaboration, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship, which have enabled the fruits of research to be applied to enhancing human wellbeing.

In view of Taiwan's successful bid to host the 2024 International Conference on the Bioscience of Lipids (ICBL 2024), which will certainly help to attract more international attention, resources, and exchanges, the 1st Taiwan Lipid Research Summit (TLRS) was organized in the hope of bringing together local researchers and consolidating Taiwan’s lipid research capabilities.

The Summit was held at the Great Roots Forestry Spa Resort from July 3 to 5, and was quite well-attended by local researchers in lipid-related fields. A total of 12 lipid experts were invited to give talks on lipidomics and big data analysis, lipid metabolism and disease, the application of lipid nanoparticles, and the development and application of natural products in treating lipid-related diseases, with a diverse array of viewpoints, research tools, and future perspectives provided.

In addition, committees were convened to discuss the scientific topics for ICBL 2024, as well as the highlights of local research to be presented. In addition, a series of round-table micelle interaction panels, in which researchers from different disciplines could gather to chat and discuss collaboration, was also organized.

Following these three days of enriching academic lectures and exchanges, attendees from different fields were not only able to gain an understanding of the latest research advances, but were also able to embark on new collaborative projects, thereby providing lipid research in Taiwan with multiple opportunities to rise to the next level.

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Group photo of all attendees for the 1st TLRS.

Panel discussion for the preparation of the ICBL 2024 in Taipei, Taiwan.